Computer Requirements


The American Institute of Healthcare Compliance is committed to providing the highest standards in continuing education programs and courses.


You Will Need the Following Items to Access and Interact In Your Online Course:


Hardware/Internet Requirements

All students should have dedicated access to a computer using a modern operating system such as Windows 8 or 10 or MAC OS X.
Students should also make sure they have access to a back-up computer in case of equipment failure.

A high-speed internet connection is highly recommended for all programs and courses.

Email access is extremely important since that is the main source of communication between students and instructors.


Software Requirements

Most software that is required is also available to download at no cost to you.

Some courses and programs require the use of Microsoft Office.  Microsoft Office is the one software requirement that requires purchase.
If you are unsure if the course or program you registered for requires Microsoft Office, please contact the main office at (866) 571-5635.

It is recommended that you download the software listed below, even if it is already installed on your computer.
Many technical problems can be resolved by installing the latest versions of the following software.


Please reference our Certification Exam FAQs page for further information.


Click On the Logo to Download:


Mozilla Firefox Web Browser


Adobe Reader


Google Chrome Web Browser


Adobe Flash Player