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AIHC membership is open to the public, health care workers and administrators as well as certified healthcare auditors, collectors and compliance officers. To uphold to a higher standard, AIHC follows the guidelines recommended by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) regarding retention of excluded individuals. For many years the Congress of the United States has worked diligently to protect the health and welfare of the nation's elderly and poor by implementing legislation to prevent certain individuals and businesses from participating in Federally-funded health care programs. The OIG, under this Congressional mandate, established a program to exclude individuals and entities affected by these various legal authorities, contained in sections 1128 and 1156 of the Social Security Act, and maintains a list of all currently excluded parties called the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities. (See OIG website at www.hhs.gov/oig) No individual whose name appears on the OIG Excluded Individuals Entities List may hold membership in AIHC; and any member whose name is added to this list will have his/her membership status revoked without refund.

"By checking the box below indicates I have read this restriction to membership and attest that I am not currently on the OIG exclusion list at the date this application has been submitted for membership to the American Institute of Healthcare Compliance."

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