Refund and Transfer Policy


Change your mind about registering for one of our courses or programs?



Online Course Refund Policy  

After registering in an AIHC course or program, a partial refund is available (tuition minus $35 administrative fee and cost of text books) within 2 business days upon web-site administration verification that you have not yet accessed your course page. If you have accessed or downloaded any course information, no refund is available. Text books associated with your course and ordered through our distributor cannot be returned and the cost is non-refundable.

Scholarship Awards – Does your registration involve Scholarship Funds?

The above 2 Day Refund does not apply to AIHC scholarship funds awarded.  Scholarship funds do not have cash value and are non-refundable.  Should you decide to rescind your enrollment during this 2 day period, scholarship funds awarded will be refunded back to the AIHC Scholarship Fund, not to the registrant.

AIHC Membership or Membership Renewal Fees

The above 2 Day Refund does not apply to AIHC Memberships or renewal fees.  AIHC Memberships and renewal fees are non-refundable.

Training (Boot) Camp, Conference and Symposium Registrations

Refunds can be given minus $35 administration fee and cost of text books (texts cannot be returned) only if you withdraw from training camp prior to receiving your Welcome Letter and pre-camp training materials.  Withdrawing after receipt of pre-camp training materials is possible; however, only a 50% refund is available after deducting cost of texbooks shipped to student. 

No refunds are made when withdrawing from camp within 3 weeks to the first day of camp.


Training (Boot) Camp BUNDLES

No refunds can be given for those registering for a Training Camp BUNDLE.  A credit voucher for eLearn will be issued if you cannot attend camp.  There is also the option of transferring the camp to another member of your organization to attend in your absence.  


Webinar Programs

A full refund is available when the refund request is made within 3 days of payment.  When withdrawal from the Webinar is requested 4 days prior to the day of the Webinar, a voucher for the full amount paid will be issued to the organization.  No refunds or vouchers are possible as of the date of the Webinar or the first day of a Webinar Series. 

Corporate Training

AIHC Corporate Training contracts include a non-refundable deposit to retain dates of service. Please refer to the individual Letter of Understanding for details.

Certification Exam Only Fees

Upon qualification, AIHC may approve experienced compliance professionals to take the certification exam only and waive training and education.   Exam-only fees are non-refundable.  The certification exam must be taken within three (3) months from the date of registration.  


Transfers (No Refund)

E-Learning Courses and Training (Boot) Camp Registrations

Individual has Paid Tuition – Transfer method of training:  Individuals wishing to transfer to another method of training for an AIHC course or program may qualify to complete a one-time transfer. Camp registration can be transferred to an online, eLearn method of training and the online, eLearn start date must be within 30 days of the training camp date.  Online, eLearn method can be transferred to an upcoming training camp for the same course as long as the request is made prior to completing the course and made by the training camp registration deadline.  Transfer to a difference course is not permitted.  Course or camp registration tuition is non-transferable to other programs.  All or any transfers may be subject to a $35.00 administrative fee to cover cost to manage the transfer and is contingent upon the student maintaining current AIHC membership status.

Corporatation or Employer has Paid Tuition: Companies paying for a course for an employee who cannot attend training camp or start the online, eLearn training may transfer the registration to another employee.  Restrictions may apply, such as companies paying for an employee to attend training camp may transfer the registration to another employee prior to the first day of camp. If camp tuition is transferred to the online course, this must be completed within 30 days from the last day of camp. Additional fees (including an $85 new member fee) may apply.  Companies paying for an online, eLearn tuition for an employee who has not accessed the course page may transfer the same course to another employee for an $85 new member fee.  If the employee has accessed the course page, additional fees may apply.

Employers should call the AIHC office at 330-241-5635 to discuss transfer options and any additional cost related to the transfer.