Corporate Training - Our Trainer Comes to You!
About AIHC Corporate Training - where we come to your organization!

The American Institute of Healthcare Compliance, Inc. (AIHC) will provide a Professional Certified Trainer to come to your organization and train your staff at a per diem rate plus the cost of appropriate texts, manuals and/or materials as necessary.

How it works:

Select on of the topics listed below and Request a Proposal.  Provide the number of workforce members to attend, your location and contact information.

  • Corporate Compliance
  • HIPAA Privacy/Security
  • Auditing for Compliance
  • Denial and Appeals Management
  • Healthcare Collections Management

Your organization provides the meeting facility and registers members of your workforce for the event.

  • Your organization is responsible for the trainer's cost of travel, meals, lodging and other reasonable out of pocket expenses as agreed in the proposal
  • In most cases, the host organization also provides lunch for those in attendance.
  • Pricing is based on the type of training needed as well as the number in attendance.  Pricing schedule below is effective April 1, 2020:

2-day minimum required for on-site training

Groups of 10-25                $2,000 per day

Groups of 26-50                $2,500 per day

Groups of 51-75                $3,000 per day

Groups of 76-100              $3,500 per day

Groups >100                      $4,000 per day

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